what "be you." means to me

Be you is more than just a brand to me. It’s something that I work to do every single day. It’s easy to try and fit in and be like others, but it can be hard to go against the norm and be you. 

I grew up playing basketball and continued on to play in college and professionally overseas. It was in college that I started to notice that I would act accordingly to the crowd that I was around. I didn’t want to make anyone too uncomfortable. Around family I would dress and act a certain way and around my teammates I would act another way. It took me a while to realize that my true self was getting lost in the act. I began to struggle a little with basketball and school and also with making genuine friends. The moment I started to just be me unapologetically things became so much better. I wore the clothes that I felt comfortable in and I had people around me that I actually wanted to be involved with. My basketball career took off and I just felt much lighter and more confident as a person. Not worrying about what others might think of me or how they might judge me. (And trust me it was difficult because there were plenty of stares and judgements at all times.) I believe this attitude of being me is what helped me to be successful going overseas into new countries by myself to play basketball. I knew who I was and that was how I was going to show up every single day and it allowed me to have a great career and meet some great people along the way.

It’s hard to genuinely be you, but thankfully I have parents that have always had my back and allowed me to feel comfortable in being who I am. I know that isn’t the case for everyone, so I just hope that this brand can be a reminder to keep trying every day to be you. Going through life as your authentic self is the best feeling and it will uplift every aspect of life so BE YOU.